How to buy portraits from photos online

 The worldwide web provides the convenient option to buy portrait art from photos online from numerous international portraits commission websites. However, those that consider order portraits through the internet should do some online research first. By comparing the main online portrait art suppliers they will soon figure out that the prices for art paintings of equal quality can be very different.

You probably will safe a nice amount of money by doing some online research on the prices offered by the main art painting websites. Portrait painting commissions in Europe, UK and US are in general much more expensive than those offered by Southeast Asian portrait artists, while the quality is of similar standards and often even higher.

I’ve recently compared the portrait painting rates offered by 20 well-known online art suppliers. The differences in prices were as high as $80.00 for artworks of the same quality, sizes and types. I discovered that Thai art paintings offer the best value for money. Some Indian and Chinese portraiture sites seemed really cheap but after taking a closer look I was also convinced that their work’s artistic quality was inferior.

It is recommended to make use of a portrait art website, which offers payments through PayPal, as paying via this service is easy and 100% safe. You should also check if the art paintings supplier will send a photo of your portrait art commission once it is completed. This allows you to review the artwork and perhaps request some changes. Another important issue is if the online portraits paintings provider offers free shipping.

Many art sites charge full postal costs that can often be quite high. Ask the painting art site about their artists. Some pivotal questions are:

-Did your portrait artists enjoy art school education, if so, what’s the name of the art school?

-How experienced are your art painters? -Can I see some recent portrait painting samples?

-Do you have painters specialised in certain portrait art such as pet portraits, nude portraits or newborn portraits?

-How long does it take completing an online portrait painting commission?

-Do you offer portrait discounts when buying more than one art painting?

Now you should be able finding a professional, reliable and reputable online portrait art commission service. Good luck with purchasing your lifelike charcoal pencil sketches or portrait paintings from photos online.

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